Affordable, Rapid, Incremental Integration of Data-Centric Capabilities

Promulgated by the NATO Standardization Organization (NSO) in May 2015, STANAG 7221 enables the rapid and incremental integration of robust and deterministic data-centric capabilities demanded by today's military operators while delivering those capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared with conventional approaches.

NATO Standardization Office

STANAG 7221 defines the Broadband, Real-Time Data Bus (BRTDB) Standard transmitted wave-form along with a series of appendices that define various physical media interfaces. Edgewater's 7221 family of network interface devices support Appendix 1, which defines interoperability on a STANAG 3838/Mil-Std 1553B data bus to deliver 100 times more data capacity while operating concurrently with the existing 3838/1553B signalling.


At the forefront of STANAG 7221, Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc. has successfully demonstrated the utility of STANAG 7221 through the integration of many advanced C4ISR capabilities on a wide variety of fixed and rotary wing platforms.

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Edgewater Computer Systems has developed, tested and commercialized advanced products and tools to facilitate the rapid and affordable integration of STANAG 7221 compliant interfaces into today's avionics and electronic systems.

Getting Started with STANAG 7221


STANAG 7221 compliant interface circuit cards are production ready to rapidly deliver robust and deterministic data-centric capabilities to the war fighter.

Whether it's Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), advanced data communications, Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) video, Military-Code (M-Code) GPS data to Air-to-ground munitions, or just data-capacity relief to the over-subscribed 3838/1553B data bus, Edgewater's 7221 family of STANAG 7221 compliant products are validated, certified and ready to deliver.

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