Engineering Consulting

Design Services

Edgewater offers engineering consulting services for all phases of high-performance, complex system and subsystem development. Edgewater is recognized for its expertise in:

  • Mathematical Analysis and Advanced Algorithm Development
  • Real-time Software Solutions Development
  • System Engineering Design and Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Multi-process and Distributed Networking Systems
  • Digital FPGA/ASIC Design, Simulation and Verification
  • Hardware and Software Design, Implementation, Integration and Test
  • Program Management, Cost Accounting, Reporting and Documentation

Our highly skilled staff has in-depth expertise in a wide variety of subject domains and application areas and a pedigree that backs it up. Edgewater continues to support the demands of major military organizations such as the United States Air Force (USAF) and the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), developing advanced solutions that meet or exceed the customer requirements, on time and within budget.

Real-Time Design Solutions

The complex and challenging requirements of modern hardware and software systems demand the specialized technical and domain expertise of Edgewater Computer Systems Inc. With over twenty-five years of experience, Edgewater supports all phases of the engineering lifecycle - from design and development to simulation, implementation and test. Edgewater’s expertise in real-time software, hardware, advanced data bus and networking solutions is recognized internationally. Edgewater provides a one-stop shop for the specification, modeling, design, implementation and test from the component level to the complex multi-processor based systems level.

For more information on our engineering services, please contact us.