When Timing Is Everything.

Real-Time, Model Driven Software for Safety-Critical Applications

RTEdge is a new generation of Model Driven Development tools. It uses proof based engineering approaches to enhance the development of hard and soft real time, mission critical applications.

With RTEdge, you can specify, design, implement, build and debug embedded applications using state of the art modeling techniques. Backed by advanced mathematical foundations and a concise Domain Specific Language, RTEdge provides a framework to analyze your system to prove accuracy, completeness and correctness of critical timing and functional requirements.

  • Specification Capture
  • Design Modeling
  • Code Generation
  • Interactive Testing
  • Static Analysis

RTEdge Capabilities

RTEdge™ is a model based specification and development environment that provides the means to:

  • Architect real time embedded applications
  • Design real time embedded applications
  • Build real time embedded applications
  • Debug and Test real time embedded applications
  • Conduct temporal analysis to ensure deadlines will be achieved
  • Run behavioral analysis on real time embedded applications

RTEdge provides tooling for the software development lifecycle

  • Full model based software development support based on clear and unambiguous semantics of modeling elements
  • Easy to follow deterministic code generation. For example, modeling element names are clearly reflected in the generated code
  • Improved quality and efficiency in capture of specification, design and implementation
  • Support for requirements traceability

Unique features of RTEdge

  • Allows both functional and temporal requirements to be captured
  • Unique priority allocation algorithm to best achieve user design requirements
  • Fully statically analyzable allowing checks against adherence to temporal constraints
  • Generates the visualization of paths of control through the application

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